How to get your kimono order in 4 steps:


1.       first of all send us an email to . tell us exactly, what you want (name of the shirts, amount, size). Moreover we need your postal adress.

2.       we will confirm your order and tell you our bank details and the total amount of your order.

3.       please pay the amount into our account and

4.       we will send you the shirts within 5 working days after payment receipt.




we send your order only by certified mail, so your order will arrive to you 100%!



BRD                                                                                                                     EU-Laender

1-2 Shirts              4,00 EUR                                                                            1 Shirt        7,30 EUR

3-4 Shirts              7.90 EUR                                                                            2 Shirts      9.30 EUR

                                                                                                                             3-4 Shirts 17,70 EUR



1-2 Shirts              15,30 EUR, airmail

3-4 Shirts              45,30 EUR, airmail           



if you would like to order more than 4 shirts, please contact us directly.


All prices include taxes.